July 27, 2011 - Pre-Conference Events
Time Titles Speakers/Panelists
6:30pm -- 7:30pm Loral Info Session

Want to send satellites up into orbit? Come learn how Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), located in Palo Alto, California, is the world's leading provider of GEO commercial satellites. SS/L applies its highly reliable, cost-effective technologies to space exploration and science missions, and is working to expand those activities in propulsion, power and communications. With six to eight of its satellites launched each year, SS/L can provide frequent access to space by hosting payloads and offering rideshares to small satellites on its larger spacecraft. Dinner will be served. This event will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose.

July 28, 2011 - The Big Thing of Today
Time Titles Speakers/Panelists
7:00am -- 8:00am Registration/Networking

8:00am -- 8:15am Opening Remarks From Jim Muncy

  • James A. Muncy Co-founder, Space Frontier Foundation, President, PoliSpace
8:15am -- 9:00am Working Together: Shuttling, Exploring, Settling

As Deputy Administrator at NASA and a long-time supporter of commercial space development, Lori Garver has worked tirelessly to promote policy in favor of commercial providers. During her opening keynote, she will not only share her thoughts and experiences working in one of the highest positions at NASA, but will give an inside look at what is being done to promote favorable commercial space policy, develop government/commercial partnerships, and what she thinks can be done to make a permanent human presence in space a reality.

9:00am -- 10:15am Suborbital Spaceflight: Now Boarding

Suborbital spaceflight has long been a stepping stone for groups looking to launch into orbit. However, it has become a popular destination for many space startups due to its huge potential in markets such as tourism and low-gravity research. With the world on the verge of a space revolution, suborbital spaceflight has proven to be a major step in privatizing space.

10:15am -- 10:45am Networking Break

10:45am -- 12:00pm Orbital Spaceflight and Beyond

For decades, orbital spaceflight has been restricted to only the wealthiest government space programs. What can be done to support commercial orbital companies and what are companies doing to open up Earth orbit for commercial applications?

12:00pm -- 1:30pm Lunch: The Potential in Government/Commercial Partnership

The new level of partnership between government and commercial space is both exciting and complex. Dr. Nield is the Associate Administrator for the FAA's Office for Commercial Space Transportation and has been spearheading ongoing efforts to facilitate and promote safe growth in the commercial space industry. During the event, he will expand on the interesting interrelationship between NASA and the FAA in regards to commercial crew plans. Dr. Nield has over 30 years of aerospace experience with the Air Force, NASA, and private industry. He came to FAA from the Orbital Sciences Corporation, where he served as Senior Scientist for the Advanced Programs Group.

  • George Nield Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation, FAA
1:30pm -- 2:00pm Public-Private Partnerships: Back to the Future of Space Development

As Senior Adviser for Commercial Space at NASA and a leader of numerous private space organizations, Charles Miller is highly knowledgeable in all things space. With such diverse high-level experience in both the public and private sectors, Miller is uniquely qualified to discuss the importance of public/private partnerships and how they can be utilized in the future. He also discusses the NACA model and how it is largely responsible for the commercial airline industry we know today.

2:00pm -- 3:15pm NASA Leadership Roundtable: Commercial Partnerships

NASA will play a vital role in the development of the commercial space sector, but what exactly can they do for commercial space? What do they plan to get from helping private companies? Leaders from some of the biggest NASA locations come together to give answers to these questions, and to discuss current developments at their centers, the potential for government/commercial partnerships, and what role they see their centers playing in the future of commercial space.

3:15pm -- 3:45pm Networking Break

3:45pm -- 5:00pm Government/Commercial Roundtable I: Customer Base Development for Orbital Science Platforms

With the final shuttle mission currently underway, the International Space Station and private space stations - such as Bigelow's expandable modules - will need both transportation and a diverse customer base. Who will buy time and space aboard orbital platforms? How do we promote the development of such a market? What capabilities already exist, and how can we best utilize them? And once the market has been established, how will we best utilize payload space and launch capability?

  • Ken Davidian(Moderator) Director of Research , FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST)
  • James Downey Technical Manager, Microgravity Materials Research Program, NASA MSFC
  • Diana Hoyt Manager, Innovative and Strategic Patnerships, NASA Office of the Chief Technologist
  • Jeff Smith Branch Chief, Radiation & Space Biotechnologies, NASA Ames
  • Dennis Stone Manager, Program Integration, Commercial Crew and Cargo Program, NASA
  • Erika Wagner Senior Director, Exploration Prize Development, X PRIZE Foundation
5:00pm -- 5:30pm NASA's Challenges Certifying and Acquiring Commercial Crew Transportation Services

NASA Inspector General Paul Martin discusses his recent report on the difficulties facing NASA as they look to commercial companies to get their astronauts to the International Space Station and Low-Earth Orbit.

5:30pm -- 6:00pm A Commercial Spaceflight Story

Mark Sirangelo, Chairman of Sierra Nevada Space Systems, shares his experiences of working with and leading one of the world's most high-profile commercial space companies, shedding light on why he believes humans should explore space, how we have gotten to where we are today, and what role the commercial sector should play in the future.

7:00pm -- 8:30pm Young Professionals Networking Dinner

Calling all Young Professionals, Students, and Volunteers! Come join each other for a chance to network with space enthusiasts of our generation over some food and drinks. The dinner will begin with a short introduction to the Foundation and some of its partner societies and then you're free to mingle. This is an informal event designed for young professionals to meet each other at the start of the conference. As the name suggests, dinner will be served. This event will be hosted at the Doubletree Hotel.

7:00pm -- 8:30pm NewSpace Old Pro Happy Hour

Old Pro Happy Hour. This informal event is designed for older professionals who may or may not be attending NewSpace 2011. All are welcome Concurrent with Young professionals networking event, this event will be at the DoubleTree hotel bar.

8:00pm -- 10:00pm Annual SFF Advocates Meeting

This event is FREE to all Advocates of the Space Frontier Foundation. Although light refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served, we recommend that Advocates eat dinner beforehand. This event will be taking place at the Doubletree Hotel.

  • James Pura Advocate Coordinator, Space Frontier Foundation

July 29, 2011 - The Big Thing of Tomorrow
Time Titles Speakers/Panelists
7:30am -- 8:30am Registration/ Networking

8:30am -- 9:00am Exploring New Markets

Come hear Virgin Galactic's CEO as he explains why spaceflight is important to humanity as his company steps forward, proving the grounds of an unknown market.

9:00am -- 9:15am NewSpace Incubator

Want to start a NewSpace company in Silicon Valley? Come hear how the Silicon Valley Space Center is here to place the next generation of NewSpace startups in a trajectory based on the same successful model as Silicon Valley computer companies.

  • Sean Casey Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Space Center
9:00am -- 10:30am Business Plan Competition

The NewSpace 2011 Business Plan Competition is an event which brings together promising new business startups working to help develop the final frontier, with investors, business leaders and space advocates. Startup companies developing products/services that are directly space, space-related, or "space scalable" are invited to participate. The judges for the competition are skilled and experienced professionals in the investment and business development communities, hailing from around the country. This year there were 25 entries, and 5 Finalists were selected to present. The Competition is sponsored by NASA and the Heinlein Prize Trust. Awards this year are $25,000 first prize, a $5,000 second price, and $2,500 for a third place finish. But every participant receives valuable exposure in the investor community. Judges include:

10:30am -- 10:45am Networking Break

10:45am -- 12:00pm War Stories from the Entrepreneurial Frontier

Come hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting commercial space ventures from people who've lived it through the past three decades. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Bruce Pittman(Moderator) Flight Projects Director, NASA Ames Space Portal
  • Sean Mahoney Head of Business Operations, Masten Space Systems
  • Jeffrey Manber Managing Director, NanoRacks, LLC
  • Jess Sponable Chief Engineer of Reusable Boost System, AFRL
  • Thomas Taylor Lunar Transportation Systems, Inc.
  • Max Vozoff Vice President of Business Development, Innovative Space Propulsion Systems
12:00pm -- 1:30pm Lunch: Settlement is a Verb!

Ever since Columbia, national policymakers have begun talking about human settlement of space as the "ultimate" goal of human spaceflight or exploration. All too often settlement becomes an imagined "end state", either the iconic O’Neill colony or a more vague notion of millions of humans spread across the solar system. And when you attempt to assess a given policy, program or technology in the context of that goal, most space professionals end up pushing the goal to the right, making it less threatening to the status quo, and ultimately unachievable. But settlement is not the end state: it is actually the normal human activity of exploring, developing, and inhabiting a new place. Settlement is not a noun, it is also a verb form. The only question is: what is its tense?

  • James A. Muncy Co-founder, Space Frontier Foundation, President, PoliSpace
1:30pm -- 2:00pm The International Space Frontier

How do commercial satellite companies compete as the most profitable sector of the commercial space industry in a quickly evolving and highly competitive market? Clay Mowry will present his unique insights on the global commercial satellite & launch markets, highlighting current market drivers, trends, and competition.

2:00pm -- 2:30pm The NewSpace Approach to International Markets

Bob Richards will present his perspective on international opportunities for NewSpace ventures. He will present how entrepreneurial companies are leveraged for and dependent on pursuing international markets.

2:30pm -- 3:00pm Networking Break

3:00pm -- 4:30pm Government/Commercial Roundtable II: Low Cost, Reliable Access to Space

Scored as a high priority for NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist, Low Cost, Reliable Access to Space is a challenge for everyone in the space sector. This discussion will focus on the business case, technology investments, and market attempts at work in driving costs below $2k per lb.

4:30pm -- 5:00pm Supporting Commercial Space Development

Hoyt Davidson presents conclusions to the NASA study which summarized the key risks constraining commercial space development, discussed different types of investors and their risk profiles, looked at historical case studies of space related investments for lessons learned, evaluated NASA’s current commercialization support programs and explored new initiatives to help meet NASA’s objectives. This is the first public release of the NASA Report on Commercial Space Industry.

5:00pm -- 6:30pm Networking Reception

6:00pm -- 7:00pm SpaceX Info Session

Interested in working for SpaceX? Come hear how SpaceX develops rockets and spacecraft for missions to Earth orbit and beyond. We are committed to becoming the world's premiere space services company by substantially improving both the reliability and cost efficiency of space transportation, ultimately by a factor of ten. SpaceX was founded with the long-term goal of enabling humanity to become a space-faring civilization. Dinner will be served. This event will be held at NASA Ames, in the conference building.

7:00pm -- 10:00pm #NewSpaceTweetup!

The #NewSpaceTweetup is a social event open to the space enthusiastic public and conference attendees. It will be held at the Hacker Dojo to integrate hacker entrepreneurship with the commercial space community. Come join us and enjoy food, beverages, and space giveaways. Cosmically good music will be provided by DJ Yap and Raja the Resident Alien. There will even be a special appearance of Cosmobot, the drink mixing robot! The Dojo is a few blocks from the Ames facility, and there will be carpools from Ames and the conference hotel available. This event is sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation, Hacker Dojo, Mission Clock, Space Travelers Emporium, SpaceUp, Think Geek, and Yuri's Night. LOCATION: 140 South Whisman Road Mountain View, CA

July 30, 2011 - The Future is the Really Big Thing
Time Titles Speakers/Panelists
7:30am -- 8:30am Registration/Networking

8:30am -- 9:00am New Technologies and New Directions

Commercial markets will have an ever increasing role in the way that NASA does business, and how NASA will utilize the power of the commercial sector into the 21st century will help to define the extent of our future in space. Dr. Dan Rasky, as Director for the Emerging Commercial Space Office at NASA Ames, has continually worked towards improving the communication and interaction between the commercial sector and NASA, and is uniquely suited to discuss how this interaction will drive the future of the space program to be the next big thing.

9:00am -- 10:15am Beyond Earth - NEO Destinations

The future of Solar System Exploration, regardless of the midterm goals and steps, will ultimately be dependent on the usage of the resources of Near Earth Objects and the Asteroid belt. How will we go about using these resources, and how can we obtain them will be a critical question to ask in the future of in Space development. Furthermore, assuring that we have the technology to effectively deflect asteroid hazards as they become apparent will represent key developments in our future explorations. With new directions in our Space program, key developments in this sector are set to rapidly advance into the next several decades.

  • John Karcz(Moderator) NASA Ames
  • Brad Bailey Senior Scientist, NASA Lunar Science Institute
  • Brad R. Blair Mining Engineer and Mineral Economist, Space Studies Institute
  • David Morrison Senior Scientist, NASA Astrobiology Institute, NASA Ames Research Center
10:15am -- 10:45am Networking Break

10:45am -- 12:00pm Hotels to Homesteads: What Technology will Bring us From LEO to Permanent Settlements

As recent technological developments point to, near term destinations in LEO are set to become "Space Hotels"--small research and lodging facilities capable of supporting a small number of individuals for a short amount of time. Once this happens, the next logical question becomes-- "how will we move forward from today--launching of small hotels into Earth orbit--and move towards larger scale settlement architectures? What kind of technologies and investments are we going to need? Panelists will provide a variety of perspectives towards the future of this key field.

12:00pm -- 1:30pm Lunch: "2061 - Kennedy + 100" The Next Fifty Years in the Space Frontier

As leader of the team that leased Mir, Founder of the first commercial company to create a fully functional spacesuit, and named one of the world's top visionaries by Space News, Rick Tumlinson always seems to be a few steps ahead when it comes to space development. He is a Co-founder of the Space Frontier Foundation and a founding Trustee of the X-Prize so he doesn't just predict the future, he makes it happen. He will be giving a presentation titled "'2061 - Kennedy + 100' The Next Fifty Years in the Space Frontier". It's sure to leave everyone truly believing in the bright future of commercial space.

  • Rick Tumlinson Co-founder, Space Frontier Foundation, Orbital Outfitters
1:30pm -- 2:00pm How Commercial Space Can Enable Science

Commercial Space is entering a new era that promises lower cost and more frequent access to space. By concentrating initially on the small and the practical, and setting aside current needs of the existing market, major strides are being made. Space Scientists need to adopt this approach. It won’t be easy, but by rethinking priorities and aggressively incorporating new technologies, experimental space science can be reborn, inspiring another generation with dramatic new explorations of our Solar System, neighboring planetary systems, and the grand sweep of the Universe beyond.

  • Webster Cash Professor, University of Colorado, New Worlds Observer
2:00pm -- 3:15pm Futuristic Concepts: Visions of a New Tomorrow

While many methods will certainly be taken to reach the stars, there are a multitude of visions for what we will do once we get there. This panel will feature individual panelists thoughts and visions for getting to the future, and what kind of future in space awaits us.

3:15pm -- 3:45pm Networking Break

3:45pm -- 5:00pm The Promise of NewSpace

What does the future hold for the space industry? What will be the future of NewSpace, and how will we go about reaching new promise as we set sail on this new sea?

6:00pm -- 10:00pm NewSpace Awards Gala

The Space Frontier Foundation will be hosting the 2011 NewSpace Awards Gala on Saturday, July 30 at 6pm at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose. Enjoy drinks and appetizers, a sumptuous 3-course meal and top notch entertainment by the Magnolia Jazz Band as you meet and mingle with the most influential individuals in the industry. The main course will include the choice of filet mignon, pistachio encrusted seared halibut, or a terrain of grilled vegetables. Book now as prices increase July 28. As this is a formal event, evening wear is recommended. 2011 NewSpace Award Winners include: Vision to Reality - NanoRacks, LLC Vision of the Future - "Live Free or Die" (Troy Rising) Best Presentation of Space - Yuri's Night NewSpace Journalism - Rand Simberg Service to the Frontier - Kyle Schember and Ryan Stuit

  • Jeffrey Manber Managing Director, NanoRacks, LLC
  • John Ringo Author, "Live Free or Die" (Troy Rising)
  • Brice Russ Assistant Director, Yuri's Night
  • Kyle Schember Co-Founder and CEO, Subtractive Inc. / INSpace Productions
  • Rand Simberg Author, Engineer, Aerospace Consultant
  • Ryan Stuit Co-Founder and Creative Director , Subtractive Inc. / INSpace Productions